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About κῆτος

About this website...

This site was created with financial support from three units at the University of Waterloo, Canada. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Arts Student Union, and the Work Placement Program.

This website is an amalgam of Ancient Greek and modern technology. In honour of its twofold nature, Ed, or Thomas Edward Butcher, and I named the site “the sea-monster”, or τὸ κῆτος. Ed was and is responsible for coding the entire site and without his work this site would not exist. Another large debt is owed to Valerie Broadbent who composed, corrected, and entered a great deal of the material in front of you. My colleague Andrew Faulkner proofread all the exercises and provided corrections (willingly!). Others are also owed thanks. For vocabulary proofing: Mike Moloney, Justin Stricker, Ashley Witt; composition: Mike Moloney; site design: Ed Butcher, Martha Lauzon; exercise formats: Ed Butcher, Martha Lauzon, and Valerie Broadbent. All remaining mistakes are (regrettably) mine.

If you find any typos - or egregious errors - please write me at . Any feedback will be gratefully received.

Christina Vester - Department of Classical Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada 519.888.4567 Extension: 32855

Technical Information

This site is powered by php & MySQL. Unicode (UTF-8) encoding is used for all text, ensuring that the Greek text is stored in a font-independent manner. Development is happily done on a Mac in OS X, for the most part using Espresso to write the code. MAMP was used for testing local copies.

The javascript flashcards are based on Konrad Lawson's JSFlash, with effects added using Thomas Fuchs' Scriptaculous library.